Indigenous and First Nation languages of North America

GSO has archival copies of some A.A. literature that was translated by local groups into a number of Native American and First Nation languages, including Inuktitut, Mi’kmac, Cree and Oji-Cree. Please contact the Treatment and Accessibilities desk for more information.

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Inuit - 12 Steps Illustrated

Inuit - 12 Steps Ill

Inuit - What Happened to Joe?

Inuit - What Happene

Inuit - Is A.A. For You?

Inuit - Is A.A. For Y

Inuit - A Newcomer Asks

Inuit - A Newcomer As

Ojibway - 12 Steps CD

Ojibway - 12 Steps CD

Navajo Big Book on 14 CDs

Navajo Big Book on 1